Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Hunting: Against The Law But Not A Crime

I guess the only reason the BBC even mention this case is cos there's a quarter-celebrity involved (aging posh TV chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright) but it's pretty typical of how this stuff goes whenever it is brought to court. Hunting is kind of hard to prove in the first place, and what with the sad reputation that sabbers have the police, if they are even in attendance, are more concerned with keeping the peace than catching people breaking the law. It is pretty much only private prosecutions by animal welfare groups that actually get to court. In this case the hunters plead guilty, and were let off.

I dunno, to me the fact that these people were 'trying to stay within the law' is pretty irrelevant, but maybe that's because I am a bit into animal rights and think the whole thing is pretty barbaric regardless of whether it was technically illegal. My main point is that basically there's a big conspiracy because all judges are spoilt brats and all hunters are spoilt brats and they all go to a big Spoilt Brats Club and make sure that spoilt brats get to do whatever they want. But you already knew that. What other crime could you promote on a car sticker, like the 'I'm Still Fox Hunting' type ones you see around Oxfordshire? How many other crimes don't go on your cri
minal record? What other crimes can you openly, actively participate in, and not be convicted? Not flippin many, that's what! (the Crown Prosecution Service has said that only Hunt Masters can be convicted of hunting illegally, as members of the field are technically onlookers, while Nigel Yeo of the Association Of Chief Police Officers has said people with hunting convictions will not get a criminal record.)

Oh and check out the list of convicted foxhunters, and what they've actually been found guilty of. Nasty bunch...

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