Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Media Saturation

I've been going a bit weird, cos I'm home alone. I came to Oxford on Friday, and am on my own here til Thursday. For some reason I find that I need to be really surrounded, drowned in media - TV, internet, radio, books, games, audiobooks, usually all at once, or as many as possible. Mainly I have been playing the Wii whilst listening to a Carl Sagan audiobook, but I have also been on the internet whilst watching The Thick Of It, or reading a book with the TV on mute showing the World Indoor Bowls Championship.

It's actually not going so bad. I am just a bit scared that if there is a power cut I will go completely mental and hang myself with a power cord.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Plugged In

We've been recording at the Fire Station with Michal for the last three days. We got some stuff that hopefully sounds really good. Having Dan in the band makes everything a million times better. I feel like we're just right.

I think what was gonna be a single or EP will be an album now, and that feels just right. We re-recorded two from the old EP, but they're pretty different. Everything's more live with the drums now.

Being in band mode for a few days straight makes me really think it's all that matters, and it's had a good effect. It makes me wanna quit uni. And being on Local Kid makes it feel very real, like being in a proper band, and that is cool. Because Michal is a proper producer. There's a thing Nick Hornby says in Fever Pitch about being at big games and feeling like the world is waiting outside, listening to hear the final score. Which is kinda....weird to say in relation to us recording a few songs, but it's the same feeling of something exciting being created.