Saturday, 14 June 2008

Hampshire Retreat

We're going to the New Forest tomorrow. We're going for a week with Daisy and Oli (who are sort of like a better version of us - they gave us a thorough beating in badminton yesterday), and I don't know if the place we are going will have the internet. It probably won't. So this is my reason for maybe not replying to things. I hope it doesn't get in the way of the tourmaking.

I wanted to take a mic and get most of the vocals for the EP done, but I haven't even done the drums and guitar yet, so there's no point. Bought a new mic yesterday to record EVERYTHING with (it is an SM57, so far it sounds pretty good). I know it will be a fun holiday, but I can hardly wait to get back and start recording.

See you later.

Old 4

Just a different version of a folky guitar thing I posted before. This was an old recording of it though, which I did for college. It's way nicer. It is called Balloon Disaster.

Still tourbooking, going okay I think. It will be hard to tell until a couple of weeks time.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hobbits / Century FC / Oldie

On Thursday we played Hobbits which is a rockclub in Weston-Super-Mare. I didn't really enjoy the gig that much. The crowd was quite young (average probably 14 or 15 years) and I don't think they liked us very much. Which I suppose is okay because I don't think I liked them either. They were doing a weird fake-mosh. They did the macarena to Mysterious Guitar. Thinking back, that is quite funny. I spent most of the gig thinking of the sentence that would most devastatingly show them the inane mediocrity of every facet of their lives. I am still thinking.

We don't have any more gigs booked, I don't think we'll do one now until Bert gets back. I confirmed our first gig so far in the tour - a clubnight in Glasgow. I just hope we can play some place somewhere between Bristol and Scotland.

Yesterday Steve and I went to be part of a Feral Choir, a hundred people doing vocal improvisations using signals and stuff. It was good fun. I don't know how fun it would have been to listen to, but some bits sounded really impressive from where I was standing.

Old song called Meter I have put up. Not really a song, just crap electronica/dance. A song, like most of mine, that if someone else had done I would think them a boring talentless hack. Not me, no way.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Classic 2

This song is a guitar instrumental. Probably inspired by Mogwai or something like that, and it is from when I wanted to be Johnny Marr. (I still love Johnny Marr, I just don't actually want to be in his skin.)

The title is a quote from A Hard Day's Night, the best film of all time. It is a scene where George stumbles into an inteview for a TV fashion show, the director of which doesn't recognise him, and proceeds to tell George how unimportant he is (the irony being HE"S IN THE BEATLES!!!). The script is literally amazing:

We want you to give us your opinion on some
clothes for teenagers.

Oh, by all means, I'd be quite prepared for
that eventuality.

Well, not your real opinion, naturally. It'll
be written out and you'll learn it.
(to secretary)
Can he read?

Of course I can.

I mean lines, ducky, can you handle lines?

I'll have a bash.

Good. Hart, get him whatever it is they drink,
a cokearama?


Well, at least he's polite. Show him the
shirts, Adrian.

A collection of shirts are produced and GEORGE looks at them. While he
is doing this SIMON briefs him.

Now, you'll like these. You really "dig" them.
They're "fab" and all the other pimply

I wouldn't be seen dead in them. They're dead


Yeah, grotesque.

(to secretary)
Make a note of that word and give it to Susan.
I think it's rather touching really. Here's
this kid trying to give me his utterly
valueless opinion when I know for a fact within
four weeks he'll be suffering from a violent
inferiority complex and loss of status if he
isn't wearing one of these nasty things. Of
course they're grotty, you wretched nit, that's
why they were designed, but that's what you'll

But I won't.

You can be replaced you know, chicky baby.

I don't care.

And that pose is out too, Sunny Jim. The new
thing is to care passionately, and be right
wing. Anyway, you won't meet Susan if you don't

And who's this Susan when she's at home?

(playing his ace)
Only Susan Campey, our resident teenager.
You'll have to love her. She's your symbol.

Oh, you mean that posh bird who gets
everything wrong?

I beg your pardon?

Oh, yes, the lads frequently gather round the
T.V. set to watch her for a giggle. Once we
even all sat down and wrote these letters
saying how gear she was and all that rubbish.

She's a trend setter. It's her profession!

She's a drag. A well-known drag. We turn the
sound down on her and say rude things.

Get him out of here!!

(genuinely surprised)
Have I said something amiss?

Get him out of here. He's knocking the
programme's image!!

The underlings hustle GEORGE to the door.

Sorry about the shirts.

He is ejected through the door.

Get him out.
(he stops in mid-shout)
You don't think he's a new phenomenon, do you?

You mean an early clue to the new direction?

(rummaging in his desk)
Where's the calendar?
(he finds it)
No, he's just a trouble maker. The change isn't
due for three weeks. All the same, make a note
not to extend Susan's contract. Let's not take
any unnecessary chances!

Anyway here's the song:

The New Thing Is To Care Passionately

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Oldies Classic Time

I got some of my old songs from Roz's old computer. Ones that I lost about two or three computers ago but had sent to her (I still never get round to backing things up because I trust technology too much). So for the next few days I am going to post songs that I have done ages ago.

This first one is called "Maybe I'm Like This All The Time". It was written before Roz and I were going out (which makes it maybe eighteen months old, probably more) and I wrote it to impress her. It is a song about her being a couple of minutes late when we met up one time.

Maybe I'm Like This All The Time

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bee More Interesting

We played the Croft on Thursday, a gig organised in part by one of our friends as part of a monthly charity-fundraising thing. It was good fun. We had another new song, which is my favourite type of song.

This is what we played:

My Kaleidoscope
Understanding Parents
Fluffy Clouds Of Joy
Cool Science
Perfect Holiday

Mysterious Guitar

The Internal World

Things are looking a bit exciting for us at the moment. We're trying to book ourselves a tour for early September to coincide with putting out our first CD at about that time (I have made a massively exciting SPREADSHEET to hopefully keep track of where we can play and when). We haven't properly started recording yet but that might start this weekend. We've been asked to do a 7" for Cloudberry Records later in the year, and be on a Series Two Records compilation. Both of those we are probably going to do. Cool, right?