Thursday, 2 September 2010


So I clearly don't do this blog anymore I suppose, but where you should read your words instead is at the NUMBER ONE MUSIC DIGEST

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Game Salad

I'm actually making a real life computer game! I'm using a program called Gamesalad, which is just the right difficulty for me - it's not very difficult. The game is like a sort of Pong variation, but you're in the middle of the screen and you have to bat the dots back to the right colour, red, blue, green or yellow.

I'll put it up on here soon, or I'll make a special game website where I can rake the cash in. Seriously, it's gonna be stunning. I want to call it Space Apartheid, but it's not called that.

I need to decide what my dissertation is about. I think it's going to be about music, probably pop music because it's the best type.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

In 2010 I am going to be....

1. In the Bumblebees
2. Doing alright at Uni
3. A football writer
4. A game designer
5. Better at roller-skating

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Media Saturation

I've been going a bit weird, cos I'm home alone. I came to Oxford on Friday, and am on my own here til Thursday. For some reason I find that I need to be really surrounded, drowned in media - TV, internet, radio, books, games, audiobooks, usually all at once, or as many as possible. Mainly I have been playing the Wii whilst listening to a Carl Sagan audiobook, but I have also been on the internet whilst watching The Thick Of It, or reading a book with the TV on mute showing the World Indoor Bowls Championship.

It's actually not going so bad. I am just a bit scared that if there is a power cut I will go completely mental and hang myself with a power cord.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Plugged In

We've been recording at the Fire Station with Michal for the last three days. We got some stuff that hopefully sounds really good. Having Dan in the band makes everything a million times better. I feel like we're just right.

I think what was gonna be a single or EP will be an album now, and that feels just right. We re-recorded two from the old EP, but they're pretty different. Everything's more live with the drums now.

Being in band mode for a few days straight makes me really think it's all that matters, and it's had a good effect. It makes me wanna quit uni. And being on Local Kid makes it feel very real, like being in a proper band, and that is cool. Because Michal is a proper producer. There's a thing Nick Hornby says in Fever Pitch about being at big games and feeling like the world is waiting outside, listening to hear the final score. Which is kinda....weird to say in relation to us recording a few songs, but it's the same feeling of something exciting being created.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Astounding Poetry

Hi, I've got a new job at Holland & Barrett. It's something to do between stressing about real work, by which I mean uni, and being in a hotly-tipped indie band. It's good because I get discount off of food that I'd probably buy anyway. It's mainly friendly ladies that go in there. It makes me sad when they buy homeopathic stuff. Can I get sacked for saying that?

I've made a limerick:

There once was a man named Joyce
Who gave the city of Dublin a voice
He made it seem full
And sometimes dull
I like all his books they are nice

Monday, 7 December 2009


Oh, here's the thing, I didn't do my charity run that I was meant to in October. My mum drove me and Roz and Lib down to Portsmouth on the Saturday morning, we had to get up at 6. We got there just before ten, and the race started at half ten. On Sunday. I was twenty-four and a half hours early. We had a gig in Bristol Saturday night so we came back, and then I couldn't by any method get back to Portsmouth, not by train or coach or being driven by someone. It was shit

I have said that I'll do another one instead and this is true, but I have so much uni work that I think it will probably be next summer, which is really lame.