Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hrrm. The Pitchfork reviews of the Beatles re-issues didn't really do anything other than prove that rating music out of 10 is entirely pointless, and becomes even more arbritrary when give pretty much all of them a 10.0 - it's such a big statement thing, designed to attract attention. Numbers are for idiots. And they give Let It Be 9.1, despite them slagging it off all through the review. It's a crap album, that doesn't need/deserve deifying. It makes me annoyed a bit.

(And then they gave the Stone Roses album a 10! What a flippin joke.)

I went to Bestival on the weekend. It was pretty good. The best band I saw was Kraftwerk. They were phenomenal. The next best was Dirty Projectors. The did a couple of new ones (I think) and the rest were from Bitte Orca. The harmonies are so incredible. It's like a different type of music. Wave Machine were also good.

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