Monday, 31 August 2009


We played Oxford on Wednesday, and London on Saturday. London was a really great alldayer. Trash Kit are my favourite band at the moment. We played a sort of mixed set with Michal and Lisa, playing two Corey O's songs (the closest I've come to seeing them live so far, sadly) and five or six of ours. Lisa played a drum pad thing [pictured], and I think it really suited us. We're gonna try it as a permanent thing, with our friend from Oxford playing it (but it's not really for sure yet so I can't say his/her name out loud).

Husbands were really good, Drunk Granny were great. It made me feel great about being on Local Kid. I wear my sticker with pride. Sometimes I think we don't fit in, because we aren't really very rocking, at all, but then most of the time I think that doesn't really matter, because we have other things in common. The best thing about our set was when Michal forgot his bit in My Kaleidoscope, and we stopped and looked at him. And then everyone clapped. And then Roz said "that's not the end", and then Michal played his bit and we finished the song.

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imon-say said...

Can't wait to see you play again soon in yr new guise. Keep me up on if you have any snazzy weekend shows coming up but yeah else I'll try to have you back playing for me ASAP.

I'm having The Jelas in November which'll be exciting! My Dad still remembers seeing you I think as he sang My Kaleidoscope when he saw our poster with yr name when I moved house the other week.

Miss you xx