Monday, 28 September 2009

Mind And Senses Purified

There is a new ruling which might force manufacturers to limit the maximum volume on mp3 players. That is about time. Now I would like a similar law to limit volume at gigs and clubs. It's so annoying that like 90% of gigs (and 100% of clubs) are way too loud to be properly enjoyed, or even properly experienced. You miss basically all the stuff that isn't drums and bass. So drum'n'bass is safe.

Had my first day back at Brookes today and it turns out there is quite a bit of work to be getting on with. I think I have convinced myself that I want to get a first. Is that stupid? I think it might be. Maybe I should partially give up now. Roz is doing a Japanese module, and it is kinda making me want to learn it as well. Or it was until I found out they have three different alphabets.

Went to an 'I Heart 90's' night on Saturday.

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