Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bye Bye Baby

We sent off our promo of Cool Science yesterday. We bought lots of envelopes, blank CDs, ink, and we wrote a press release. We done it proper. We sent it to lots of radio stations. We blanked out the 'fuck' so that it could be played in the daytime. I know, we are sell-outs. Roz did some lovely CD art. You can see a picture of just how lovely it looks on our Bumblebees Tumblr page.

Tour booking continues, it is getting shorter and shorter notice. I'm not we'll be 100% full. We have been offered a lot of gigs, but we really aren't very flexible with dates at the moment so we have had to turn a lot down. Hopefully it will make it easier for next time though.

We were featured on A New Band A Day today. That was very nice of them. However I'm starting to think I will never be happy with anything anyone ever says about us. The write-up is pretty positive, but it paints us as overly twee I think. What do I know, maybe we are...

Friday, 18 July 2008

Blood Smash

Bristol-based experimental boy/girl band The Jelas are readying the release of their latest EP "Blood Smash" on Ingue Records (pronounced 'ang'). Bert said to me when he heard the demo that he didn't really know how it could be improved. The answer, unbeknown to us at the time, was to get me in on the glockenspiel.

I feel like I have heard enough in progress to know its evolution a little bit, and I'm really suprised it's ended up sounding like this. There is more texture than previous Jelas, and I don't even know what texture really means. I just know that Blood Smash has it. I did a tiny bit of mixing and also some mastering on it which makes me proud. Hopefully I will get a copy but if not then I will buy one. And you should too.

The Jelas

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Friendly Blog

My friend Ian writes in a blog here. It is named after himself, I think. If you were about to read my blog then you should stop at the end of this sentence and go and read Ian's instead.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Data Entry

I saw in the news today that Cherie Blair is scared for her children, because so many young people have been killed in London. I'm sure as rife as knife-crime is on her estate (different kind), her children are amongst the safest in the world. Personally I am more worried about London teenagers not related to an ex-Prime Minister.

I have been feeling pretty carp lately, I am right now working part-time in the field of Data Entry. My life is really shit for four hours a day. Still trying to sort a Bumblebees tour, it is fucking hard work and not the good kind. I try to be good and send lovely messages to promoters and stuff but pretty much all of them don't get a response. When they do it is usually 'no'. But from what I can gather (from my CONTACTS) this is pretty much the norm, even for better, more popular bands than us.