Thursday, 13 December 2007

Working Sentences

I've just finished a twelve-hour shift sorting post at Royal Mail. My legs quite literally hurt. It is a temporary Christmas job and it pays quite bad money and has really bad hours. I am doing it because I owe a few people various amounts of money (including the bank) and I realised that I couldn't just wait until my talent was recognised to pay them back.

I did four hours overtime today mainly so I could see Roz, who is working opposite shifts to me, so unless I worked afternoons as well, we wouldn't see each other at all during the week. It was definitely worth it, and the time flew by (not literally).

What I have learnt so far is that Royal Mail is a very inefficient company. Lots of time and energy is wasted by doing things at the wrong time in the wrong way. On the way back from work me and Toby saw about a dozen fire engines (plus police and ambulans) heading to the Filton Royal Mail building, so hopefully there won't be any post left for us tomorrow...

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