Thursday, 6 December 2007

And If The Live Show Is Strong

So, on 16th December the Bumblebees make their live debut. The Bumblees are Roz, Bert and Me, and we're playing at the Port Mahon in Oxford as part of an all-dayer organised by our friend Hog. We are sort of hard to describe, but I would say it's sort of post-punk + tweepop. We've practised together a total of two times so far, and we probably won't get many more opportunities, what with me and Roz working completely opposite shifts until Christmas, and Bertie Bass(-ett) busting his ass in a 9-to-5 hellhole for ha'penny per day. I'm sure we will still be brilliant, but I do feel like there's a lot to worry about.

I'm mainly concerned about it being my singing debut (aside from one acoustic gig with Bert), but also concerned about how we'll play as a band, whether the drum machine will work, how many people will be there, what the mix will be like, and whether the other bands will be miles better than us. With so much to worry about, I'll probably render it all irrelevant by forgetting my guitar or something....

In actuality it will probably not be that bad, and hopefully after we've played in front of strangers, we'll be able to come home and impress our friends with a Rocking Bristol Debut.

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rosalind said...

it'll be fine!!!