Monday, 10 December 2007

Brainless Blogging

I know it's pretty laaaaaazy to post videos instead of practising my writing but it's been a laaaaaaazy day and somehow it's made me tired. So this is just a YouTube video of one of my favourite songs ever. There is nothing really special about the construction of the song, or the melody, or the production, or the words, but somehow I find specialness in it.

It's a Beatles song, written and recorded in 1977 by John Lennon, completed by the Rest Of Them in 1995 as part of a big re-issue/Anthology thing. It got to number two I think, which is pretty decent considering it's the sort of mid-tempo soft-rock that is quite easy to forget, even as you're listening to it. It's pretty crap, considering it's THE BEATLES. Anyway I really love it and rather than spending the next four minutes reading whatever I might have had to say, I'd rather you watched this video:

(Just one sentence about today: In the morning I got a BRAND NEW MACBOOK and in the evening I played 5-a-side and the game was abandoned because there was a punch-up involving everyone except for me - I guess I'm just not passionate enough.)

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