Saturday, 8 December 2007

We Are (The) Cooler Than You

Last night was gig night! The Lauras headlined The Cooler, which is a VERY LOUD venue in the middle of Park Street. We hadn't played there before, but everyone was very nice, the soundman was bouncing around like a bunny, and the promoter was much chattier than most. Even the bouncers managed more than a grunt!

Sound-check was at half-five and we weren't on til eleven, so we had plenty of time to get a bit drunk and lark about in the way that a certain type of indie bands do in really crap videos. Jon's friend Steven kept picking me up, I don't know why. I accidentally kissed Jon but we've both forgotten about that now.

We got back to The Cooler about twenty minutes before going on - we didn't watch the first two support bands because we are too big for that shit now. Main support Ulysses were listenable in a dinosaurish sort of way, but I can't really remember anything specific about them. Apparently they are quite famous around Bristol, which sounds plausible, but obviously not that famous else they would have refused to go on before such a ramshackle act as The Lauras.

Doing our songs was much more fun than it usually is - it was probably the smallest crowd we've played to, but I would easily put it in my Top Three Gigs Of All Time (That I Played In), because:
  • There was a nice big stage for dancing
  • I was exactly the right amount drunk
  • The Jelas were there and they danced
And to Top It All Off, the promoter said me and Roz could take over DJing on his nights, after the bands finish. Which basically means we get a great venue for free, every fortnight, from 11 til 2, with an audience already there and waiting for our great tunes!

See you there!

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