Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Data Entry

I saw in the news today that Cherie Blair is scared for her children, because so many young people have been killed in London. I'm sure as rife as knife-crime is on her estate (different kind), her children are amongst the safest in the world. Personally I am more worried about London teenagers not related to an ex-Prime Minister.

I have been feeling pretty carp lately, I am right now working part-time in the field of Data Entry. My life is really shit for four hours a day. Still trying to sort a Bumblebees tour, it is fucking hard work and not the good kind. I try to be good and send lovely messages to promoters and stuff but pretty much all of them don't get a response. When they do it is usually 'no'. But from what I can gather (from my CONTACTS) this is pretty much the norm, even for better, more popular bands than us.


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