Saturday, 14 June 2008

Hampshire Retreat

We're going to the New Forest tomorrow. We're going for a week with Daisy and Oli (who are sort of like a better version of us - they gave us a thorough beating in badminton yesterday), and I don't know if the place we are going will have the internet. It probably won't. So this is my reason for maybe not replying to things. I hope it doesn't get in the way of the tourmaking.

I wanted to take a mic and get most of the vocals for the EP done, but I haven't even done the drums and guitar yet, so there's no point. Bought a new mic yesterday to record EVERYTHING with (it is an SM57, so far it sounds pretty good). I know it will be a fun holiday, but I can hardly wait to get back and start recording.

See you later.


Steve said...

I got a pizza from daisy's work tonight and i had to say hello twice before she recognised me! it was quite busy though.

i think we recorded 3 different songs on thursday, rather than one with three parts. i don't know - i'm still thinking about it :)

come back soon x

Bonjela said...
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Bonjela said...

SM58 - Queen is Dead

SM57 - Meate is Murder.

From what I've gathered.

Ellis said...

so the SM57 is.....better?