Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bye Bye Baby

We sent off our promo of Cool Science yesterday. We bought lots of envelopes, blank CDs, ink, and we wrote a press release. We done it proper. We sent it to lots of radio stations. We blanked out the 'fuck' so that it could be played in the daytime. I know, we are sell-outs. Roz did some lovely CD art. You can see a picture of just how lovely it looks on our Bumblebees Tumblr page.

Tour booking continues, it is getting shorter and shorter notice. I'm not we'll be 100% full. We have been offered a lot of gigs, but we really aren't very flexible with dates at the moment so we have had to turn a lot down. Hopefully it will make it easier for next time though.

We were featured on A New Band A Day today. That was very nice of them. However I'm starting to think I will never be happy with anything anyone ever says about us. The write-up is pretty positive, but it paints us as overly twee I think. What do I know, maybe we are...

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