Sunday, 18 January 2009

Worst Music Writing Ever

Drowned in Sound saves major label ass.

Who do they think they are, Panorama?

The user comments I read on this article are mostly right. The logically fallacies and absurd editorial style aside, the worst thing is that Sean Adams concludes by arguing ISPs should have full access to monitoring and control over how their customers use the internet. Net neutrality? Bah. The most important thing isn't civil liberty, it's making sure that everyone who downloads Viva La Vida pays their share to the record execs. This apparently 'indie' site condoning corporate control to this extent (and making comparisons to internet security in China with the implied message - "this is how it should be done"!) would be so off-the-mark as to be funny if it weren't for the possibility that someone might read the article and be convinced by it.

We have just sent our EP to Drowned in Sound hoping they might want to review it.

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