Monday, 26 January 2009

I Would Love To Be On This List

The 50 people who wrecked Britain

Read it as parody and it is possible to get to the end without wanting to kill the author. Princess Diana being on there is the most hypocritical thing in the history of the world, I would guess.

(I was imagining the author as really, really old, but then I realised that there is picture of him at the top of the page, and he is only 30-something. It is kind of sad that he has so long left to live.)

pt. 2 - Richard Dawkins is on it!

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Steve said...

my favourite bit?
part 1:Marks has encouraged a generation of Britons to think lightly about foul language - indeed, to treat it as a joke. Stephen Marks is the man who literally 'f***ed up' Britain.
part 2: From that (expletive deleted) Tony Blair to the creator of EastEnders, 50 people who have wrecked Britain



what are you even talking about?