Friday, 16 January 2009

Sounds Illegal

There is a website called Legalsounds and it sells music downloads. For $0.09 (nine cents) you can get pretty much any track you like. You would think there must be some kind of catch.

They are selling Cool Science!! For $0.09 (nine cents)!

The most annoying things about this are:
  • It's the DEMO of Cool Science.
  • We gave away the demo for FREE.
Needless to say they didn't contact us for permission and won't reply to us. Don't think I will post a link to it but it is easy enough to find. Maybe your band is on there. I guess we should be kind of flattered but it is just really annoying that sites like this can exist and make money - nine cents seems like nowt but for them it is pretty much all profit, they only need a few hundred customers a day to make it a decent earning.

Anyway I don't think I had a really coherent point to make so that's this post done.

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