Thursday, 28 February 2008


I left my job on Tuesday. It was only going to be for a month more anyway, but I got very bored quite quickly, and I really don't value money very much, I don't think. I would much rather have my day free to watch Wipeout. I was quite enjoying doing the Lunchbox songs, but even that got a bit tiring because I didn't leave time to eat enough. I almost fainted one day, I think.

Tuesday was also the day of our Bumblebees gig at the Loui, which I enjoyed more than any gig before. I think it will keep feeling easier and better for a while, as we get used to the blinding lights. Talking between songs is still a problem, but I problem that I secretly sort of enjoy. 12 people came, three of which were our parents, three of which were Jelas, one of which were Byrion, four of which were Jon and his friends, one of which were Oli. We got paid £12, so all of those people can now lawfully consider themselves our employers. Or shareholders. We are going to use the money on getting the bus to Bath to see the Jelas play.

This was the setlist (which I have coloured maroon):

To Bee Or Not To Bee
My Kaleidoscope
The Velocity Of Money
Fluffy Clouds Of Joy
Cool Science

Cool Science had feedback on. I was petulant.

We played with Nina's Cafe, The Bloody Tourists and The Monaros. None of them were amazing, but The Bloody Tourists were really nice. The drummer from Nina's Cafe said, as we were coming off stage, "we're probably the weirdest band on tonight". What a weird thing to say. We didn't watch them, we went to get some chips.

We won't be gigging until May now, due to various holidays and stuff, so we have plenty of time to make a couple of new songs, and possibly to try and find a drummer. If you are reading this and you are one, or know one, we probably want to know.

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