Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Go Hungry

Oh. For anyone who has stayed up past their bedtime awaiting the next installment in my cult "Lunchbox" series, I'm afraid there is no lunch for anyone today. I made my usual trip to the park to do the song, but unfortunately it was buzzing with child-like flies. They were children. Sadly I had forgotten it was half-term.

I kept thinking they would leave for some food or something (they were all so fat I'm amazed they even thought of going to a park), but alas ...they didn't. If only I lived in Bridgend, eh? So I done all the music but I didn't do any singing. And it doesn't sound very good without the singing. So I'm going to finish it tomorrow, along with a WHOLE NEW LUNCHBOX! That's right, there will be two songs tomorrow. And if that doesn't make you want to kill yourself, I don't know what would...

Sorry this post is so late as well, I had to go straight from work to Bumblebees practise. I'm still hoping on getting another song ready before the gig, but seeing as it's only a week away and we're only going to have one more practise, and I haven't actually written the song yet, it's probably a bit optimistic.

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