Friday, 24 July 2009

Oxford Brookes Halls

This post has nothing to do with anything else I have written about, I am writing in case someone finds it searching for information about halls of residence at Oxford Brookes. I dunno, they might be starting this year or something.

I love Brookes, I think it is a great uni, friendly and helpful, I like the library, I enjoy my lectures, I am even growing fond of the comprehensive school aesthetic. I would not talk anyone out of going there. But I would happily talk anyone out of staying in halls there. The rent is ridiculously overpriced - about £100 p/w, and that is non-ensuite in fairly old halls that are rumoured to be up for demolition next year. Internet is not free, it is £2.50 p/w, which adds up to about £70 for the year, and it is not wireless. They have keys to everyone's rooms and are not afraid to use them - during a room check I had a foldup mattress removed on health and safety grounds (Er...what? I would think throughout history mattresses have prevented more injuries than they have caused). I tried to move out cos I didn't feel it was worth the money, but I had to find someone to replace me and take over my contract or else keep paying it. This would have been almost reasonable if they hadn't had TONS of empty rooms already, making the chance of someone taking my room almost nil.

Just a quick comparison, in case newcomers to uni don't have one - Sussex uni halls cost £70 p/w for ensuite(!) and have two fridges and freezers per flat (with the same number of people per flat), free internet, and if you want to leave at any time you pay £30 and that is that.

I hope I am allowed to write this without Brookes kicking me out. Failing that, I hope they don't see it.

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