Saturday, 13 September 2008

Rest Day

We are home now. That means we have finished our tour. It was a good tour. We rocked seven cities. We caught all our trains. We saw many Starbucks. There were no massive peaks or troughs. I liked it in York when we were locked inside and had to lug ourselves and all our stuff out of a window. I didn't like it in Leeds.

Sheffield was a great line-up. My favourite band were Mexican Kids At Home. Pete described them as 'slacker pop on a tatty skateboard', and that is pretty much exactly what they sounded like. In a good way, obviously. We stayed at Pete's house and he made us the greatest (veggie) sausage bap for breakfast. He writes for When Saturday Comes! That made my tour.

We played in London at a place called The Macbeth. It seemed pretty trendy. Apparently the bassist from Radiohead was there. I don't think he watched us though. Most people just seemed to chat.

Our setlist by the end of the tour looked like this:

My Kaleidoscope
Perfect Holiday
The Internal World
Mysterious Guitar
Understanding Parents
(I Won't Forget) The Way
Fluffy Clouds Of Joy
Cool Science

I'm leaving for uni tomorrow, and I am not really nervous or excited or anything, just pretty tired.

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