Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ellis Jones: Gig Promoter

We kicked off our tour with a Bristol gig last night. I put it on at The Junction. I really love that place. I don't think it is doing very well, I really hope it survives. I think they are offering free hire gigs now, so everyone should really take advantage of this place else it might not be here when you need it.

Roxy was her usual effervescent self. Attack + Defend were awesome. I felt like I put on a good gig. Our set was ridiculously shambolic. Mainly my fault. Maybe my future is in running a massive live music empire, not being in a massive live band. I doubt it though. Thanks to everyone who came.

We are leaving for Oxford today. There is still loads to do, and I am wasting my time and yours by filling up this blog! What a fool.


bdls said...

Hey Ellis, s'good gig, though it's a shame I'm not gonna hear that new song for a good while now! So I'll take those first few chords and repeat them in my mind - and that can be the song for now.

Good luck with your tour!

bdls said...

Oh yeah, and the fact they had literally no drinks, and they gave me flat coke from a bottle and guiness from a can made me question their keep-a-floatability.