Sunday, 6 April 2008

Andorra Parched

I have really dry lips. I yawned today and they started bleeding. It is pretty hot here so I suppose that explains it, although no-one else has it really. Maybe Bert a little bit.

Andorra is going pretty well so far. It is relaxing or strenuous, depending on whether you are walking up a hill or not. There are loads of hills. So far we have not got any Bumblebee things done really, after walking the dog twice and feeing ourselves and the animals, there is less time than you would probably imagine. We do still plan on making an EP or mini-album or something along those lines, but it is quite hard to be motivated here.

I think this picture is pretty cool, but we have quite a lot of pictures. It is probably our favourite activity, after eating. We will probably break Facebook.

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