Sunday, 13 December 2009

Astounding Poetry

Hi, I've got a new job at Holland & Barrett. It's something to do between stressing about real work, by which I mean uni, and being in a hotly-tipped indie band. It's good because I get discount off of food that I'd probably buy anyway. It's mainly friendly ladies that go in there. It makes me sad when they buy homeopathic stuff. Can I get sacked for saying that?

I've made a limerick:

There once was a man named Joyce
Who gave the city of Dublin a voice
He made it seem full
And sometimes dull
I like all his books they are nice


Anna said...

It makes me sad when you say it makes you sad coz my mum's a homeopath.

Ellis said...

and d'you know how sad that makes me?

Jon said...

I like the limerick very muchly! :-) I assume that 'nice' is supposed to be pronounced 'noice' ala the Dublin accent... Who is 'Joyce'? I'm confused! I'm sure Rob's mum would have something to say about your views homeopathy but I am generally in agreement I have to say! Hope the new job is going well for you, matey, and that you don't just walk out and never go back! He he...