Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Rodney Mullen

I feel really bad because I completely missed October - in blog terms, at least. And November is pretty much gone too. These are the main changes in my life over the past eight weeks or so:

  1. I want to be a pro skateboarder.
  2. ......
That's it really, I desperately want to be a skater. I am not even sure why. It is some early-life crisis maybe, a reaction against academia and Oxford being full of bikes. I used to skate when I was 13 but stopped when after six months I couldn't even stand on the board for any length of time. I am a bit better now. Roz and I went to a skatepark in Hutton nr W-S-M, and I was okay at going up the ramp, turning, and coming back down. I could probably do it four times before falling over. Then I was really silly and tried to go down a quarter pipe just on my feet, and it was slippy and I fell and hurt my head. I am not put off though - I just need to find a helmet big enough for my oversized head.

Some of my time not spent dreaming about kickflips is spent doing People & Planet stuff, they are ace. I am on the committee which means I get to do grown-up stuff like collect the key before the meeting. Other time is spent reading, or eating cashews, or worrying about money. If anyone wants to come skate with me, that would be great, I am scared in case I fall over in front of strangers.

Today I have been mostly: Getting the 'k' and 't' the wrong way round and Googling "how to stake".

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